Good Lord, Deliver Us

rosaryIt’s only the early morning here in Australia and already I feel a weight of despondency settling over me. In my job, I have to sift through mountains of news in order to write the stories that I feel need to be written. Sometimes that’s an easy task, like when I get to write about NASA and the possibility of long term space travel. The opportunity to make as many puns as possible in that kind of piece is fantastic and a challenge for even a hardened pun-maker. But today doesn’t feel like one of those days.

That it would please thee to have mercy…

Today I am more than likely going to cover a story out of Oregon in which a woman beat her four-year-old to death because he seemed a little gay to her. The boy suffered for days with injuries without medical care before dying in hospital (as far as I can tell). This happens while Oregon is working on getting gay marriage legalized in that state.

Being from the West Coast of America, I find it a little hard to reconcile the idea of a woman killing her child out of homophobia with the wonderful picture of a tolerant, kind of hippy Oregon that I know. I realize that one can’t completely know a state, but still, this jarred me. It’s extremely disturbing as well just for the sheer horror of the story.

With all these feelings going on, I just feel… so deflated today. I don’t want to write about terrible things. I don’t understand how God can let these things happen. I don’t understand how humanity can be so cruel to the innocents among us. I just keep thinking, “Lord, have mercy.” And I am so angry at the same time.

That it may please thee to defend…

Despite all that, I believe that writing about it is necessary. I believe that if good men stay silent, that evil will flourish. I do not want to stay silent and let something like this happen again. That is my Christian duty.

I thank God daily that I have a job that I truly love. But I also realize that a certain amount of responsibility comes along with it. While I fulfill my duties for work, I also have to consider my duty to God, a duty that supersedes all others. Above all things, the Great Commandment applies. Love God, love my neighbor. Right now, I’m struggling with that second one.

Lord, let thy mercy be showed upon us.

No matter what struggles there have been, there will always be new ones in the future. As times change and our lives progress, new circumstances come up. It’s all a part of understanding God and our relationship with Him. For me, this new job is a new phase. I have lived in relative seclusion from the world until now, a situation that I rather liked. But that has changed and now, I have to learn to live as a Christian in the world. On days like this, I understand more my need for God to direct and console me. Perhaps I have rambled a little bit in this post. But if we don’t ramble a little bit in our spiritual journeys, then perhaps we aren’t doing it right.

Prayer for a Wanderer

Hail, Queen of heaven, the ocean star,
Guide of the wanderer here below,
Thrown on life’s surge, we claim thy care,
Save us from peril and from woe.

(Hail Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star)


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