Announcing the new AQ vidBlogs!

Hi, guys. The AQ here. Yesterday I was supposed to post “The Gender of God, Part 2.” Obviously, I didn’t. I’m sorry for that. I’m not meaning to drag out the suspense. That’s just what I’m doing.

Programming Note [13 June, 2014]

Yesterday, my Atheist Wife was very sick with some kind of stomach problem. She had terrible cramps and a very upset stomach. This came at the end of nearly a week off from work for a variety of health issues. While she and I are pretty used to navigating health problems by now, I was quite worried about her yesterday. We considered going to the hospital, but time was apparently all that was needed. She is back to work on this Friday and apparently feeling fine. That means that today I am back at work here on The AQ Blog! We’ll pick up Part 2 today in just a few hours. It’s half done, but I need to finish and edit it.

The AQ vidBlogs

As a bonus, I will be putting up the first vidblog for The AQ Blog! I’ve been experimenting with video-blogging for the last week and while it may still be a bit rough, I think it’s good enough to put up as an apology for an interrupting in our regularly scheduled programming. But that means I need something from all of you.

I’m asking for questions or suggestions for The AQ vidBlogs!
You can send questions, comments, or suggestions to
Twitter @theaqtweets
Email @ljbradbury1990
Or leave a comment on this post!

Everything and anything is allowable for this first video. So if you have any burning questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Eventually, I’ll draft up a submissions policy, but who cares? Just do what your momma told you: Mind your Ps and Qs and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I wonder if I should give my mom attribution for that? (Mom, 19mywholelife90)

Prayer Request

Now I have some serious business to ask of you. As you know, my Atheist Wife was ill yesterday and pretty much for the rest of this week, too. She’s going to have some blood tests done and we’re trying to figure out what exactly is causing all this. Along with her other healh problems, could you please pray for us as we attempt to figure this out? She may be an atheist, but I know she appreciates people praying for her. She understands what it means. Thank you -Charlie, the AQ


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