vidBlog – On Moral Principles


So here’s the video I promised! It’s a little later than I wanted to get it put up, but I had unexpected company over the weekend and my time was monopolized. Also, the Atheist Wife has a sincere love for a show called Hart of Dixie and required my computer to watch it. Well, I love her, so she got to watch her show and I did not get to work on this project.

I’m sure there’s plenty of things in this video that will create questions, maybe even confusion. Honestly, I’m far better in writing, but here you have me trying to talk. If there’s anything you want clarified or to know more about or any other kind of comment, please drop me a line! I pay attention and respond to everything I can on this blog. Your comments are always welcome.

Link to Unfundamentalist Christians
Link to article quoted from in the video

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