Boring Life Update Gets Minioned

If you’re a regular reader of this little blog, you may have noticed that I have not posted in a really looooooong time. There is a reason for that! And it is the subject of this little life update. In the spirit of “Here’s what you missed on Glee,” here’s how my life has been lately. Let’s hit the highlights with a minimal amount of singing.


So, it turns out that I have to work a lot more than I am. Depression makes it hard sometimes and so does my natural laziness, but that has to stop if I want to be any good at this job. And I do, I really do. It’s a good experience and it’s fun for me and even though it is not making me much money at all (hardly any, honestly) I like doing it. The more I work (consistently), the more money I will make. And hopefully the more satisfaction I will have from it. I don’t expect to be working at this job forever or at least not as much as I am working now, but I at least want to be able to say that while I had it, I was good at it. I want to make myself proud.


You know how your body is a temple? Yeah, mine is more like the room of a sixteen year old boy, complete with dirty underwear and leftover pizza boxes from three weeks ago (that was what my brother was like). It’s time to clean the room and turn it into an actual temple. I’m getting in shape. Honestly, I am. I’ve started a kickboxing workout from YouTube and a diet (really a change in eating to something far more healthy) and after one week, I’m starting to feel a bit better. I have more energy and hopefully I will be able to lose the weight that has plagued me since I was a teenager.

aed14942ca9e7e1d8f3b7c5e556e623dI need to do this for me, but there are a lot of other reasons, too. I want to keep up with my wife, who despite her chronic pain and being older than me easily runs circles around me every single day. Someday, I’m going to run circles around her! Okay, probably not. The girl is a dynamo. She’s probably nuclear and solar powered as far as I know. But still, a bit of healthy competition isn’t a bad thing. Also, we’re going to have kids. At this rate, I will be bloody worthless to them and will probably die young. Getting healthy literally means my life.


Also, we’re moving! We’re officially moving to Brisban sometime in the next few months. The Atheist Wife got a job up there with her company and so we’ll be moving as soon as they let us know when they want her to start working. This could be anywhere from next week to November, so I’m trying to gear up for that. I’ll be doing most of the packing since I’m home all day. It could be really easy to do, but you neer know what is going to happen. It looks like apartments/houses up there are a lot cheaper and I might be able to have my own office, which would be a dream come true, honestly. Also, all of her family live in Brisbane, so that is great. We have both been needing that. It’s a little stressful to contemplate moving so quickly, but it’s also really exciting.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have no idea what to tell you on this one. My spiritual life has taken a dive. At this point, I’m not totally sure I want to fix it. But I also don’t know why I feel that way. In some ways, working out has become a spiritual experience because it is the only time my brain shuts off. It’s hard to worry about everything when you’re concentrating so hard just on standing up. I still love the feeling of being in church, but I have found no church home that feels right. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find something in Brisbane, but Sydney holds nothing for me right now.

I seem to have reached the same place Charles Dickens did in his life. He believed that Jesus Christ was the greatest human-being and Savior of the world, but he had no use for organized religion. I also have no use for organized religion.  At least at this point.

At the same time, my life seems to be more ethical and rightly lived than ever. Minus the going to church thing. It makes little sense to me, honestly. After having been raised in the church and with the strict idea that church was th eonly way to lead a christian life, not having church and still having a christian life is confusing.

I’m also considering becoming a Buddhist. A Christian Buddhist, if that makes sense. Buddhism is more like a philosophy of life than a religion, honestly. In that case, it goes well with my belief in Christ. But right now, it’s just an idea. As the Atheist Wife said the other night, I’m already pretty much vegetarian (butter chicken is still a failing on that score) so I’m halfway to Buddhism as it is.

Who knows, people? God works in mysterious ways. I’ve always liked a good mystery, personally.


art-minion-620x349The Atheist Wife is well. Her pain is under control due to a cocktail of drugs. She’s getting the Mirena out because we do want to have kids and also because it messes with her libido too much. Maybe that is too much information, but married people can relate. Sex changes when you’ve been with each other for awhile. But the Mirena does more than that. It includes changes in mood and personality. In a lot of ways, the Mirena has changed her from the woman I first met. We’re hoping that getting it out will give our life a sense of the normalcy we once had.

My brother turned 22 on 2 August. I sent him a mesage. I’ve had no reply. I’m gonna try and get ahold of him today, I think. Or tomorrow, depending on what time it is int he States right now.

My mother’s life has gone to shit. She is filing bankruptcy, she is leaving the church she’s been a part of for my entire life due to some seriously screwed up personal shit (and yes, it is shit) going on within it, and she’s probably moving to Georgia to be close to my brother. She called me on Google Hangouts yesterday morning and we talked for an hour. I’ve never seen her so shattered. Please pray God that he keeps Kathy together. She needs it and you guys are some of the best pray-ers I know.

The Superior Niece (my wife’s niece) is turning 7 this month. We’re going to try and get to her birthday party. Her birthday is the one year anniversary of me meeting my in-laws. It is also the one year anniversary of my moving to Australia. The Atheist Wife and I celebrated our one year anniversary a couple months ago. This is the longest I’ve ever been in a relationship. And it’s the happiest.


0cd2f8164b3cdf6d3eb4b2d1d5effe98I cannot speak to the future of this blog. I’m still trying to post, but it won’t be regularly. This is a project that I honestly really love working on and I won’t give up on it. Promise. Some day in the future, it may be a regular thing again. Right now, I’ll keep you updated on how everything goes and what I’m thinking.

Alright, gotta get back to work. Stay well, people. Stay faithful.


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