Once A Day Life Vitamin

This is my beach. It is far more beautiful in person, honestly.
This is my beach. It is far more beautiful in person, honestly.

When I write these posts, I always try to find a theme for the day. Sometimes its fitness, or ethics, or even something stupid like mosquitoes. But in general I always want to have one nugget of wisdom gleaned from somewhere to focus on, to meditate on, an idea to carry with me through the day. What I write about is always what I’ve been contemplating and the act of blogging it is a way to engage in conversation with you about what I’ve been thinking. It’s me wanting to share with another person.

Once A Day Life Vitamin

Most of us are probably familiar with the idea of a multi-vitamin, a pill you take once a day to boost your body with B vitamins, Vitamin C, Iron, and other nutrients that you’re probably not getting from your diet. It’s about being healthier than you were before and taking care of your body in a way that might be difficult otherwise. I mean, can you imagine how much spinach you would have to eat to get all the Iron you need in a day? I don’t know about you, but I’m no Popeye. 

Blogging is much the same idea (for me, at least.) See, I live a rather solitary life. I have friends that I talk to, the Atheist Wife who I love and live with, and at least two cats who do not make me miss the company of children under the age of five. But pretty much everyone else sees more people in a day than I do. So you could say that I lack human interaction or that it is very limited to say the least.

But then there’s this blog. It is my opportunity to communicate with people I might not otherwise be able to. And it also makes it easier. Much like the convenience of a multivitamin, the internet and blogging makes it easier for me to talk to people. Anxiety sometimes prevents me from feeling comfortable interacting with people directly, so blogging allows me to share myself and my ideas while bypassing the fears I have.

A Sense of Appreciation

Go raibh maith agat is Gaelic for Thank You!
Go raibh maith agat is Gaelic for Thank You!

One of the things I always worry about (even with blogging) is that I might be bugging people. I am aware that time is precious and that some people might not want to spend time talking to me. A blog is convenient for the reader because it involves choice. You don’t have to read this, but if you have, I want to say that I appreciate it. Thank you for reading what you do, even if it is only sometimes, even if it is just the title, even if you never finish a whole post. I appreciate you and the time you invest in me.

Sharing the Day

I know it is evening in America, but it is morning here in Australia. Wherever you are in the world, we’re sharing the day together. It is a beautiful clear day here by the bay and I have to say that this early Springtime is infectious. I want to throw the house open and bathe in the sun (which is weird because I am usually such a fog-loving day kind of guy). I have my Tuesday excursion to the library which is always enjoyable and then I might just hop on down to the beach with a cup of coffee and a book. I might even journal a bit.

One development of late is that I am back at work, at least nominally. I’m nowhere near my usual output, but I’m aiming for at least one article a day. It’s hard to get back into the swing of that type of writing. Still it feels good to be practicing my craft again. It’s also difficult because I’m practicing a more temperate, calm attitude towards life in line with what I’ve been reading of Buddhism. It’s harder for me to get outraged and pissed off about things, which is usually what is needed when writing about politics. That will be an interesting thing to balance.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. No profound nugget of wisdom today. Just that life is good and it is worth enjoying. So that is what I’m going to do. I’m going to enjoy life by sharing it with you in the way I can, through the words we all have in common.


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