Life Update – WE’RE OUTTA HERE!

We’re Moving!

After months of waiting, the Atheist Wife and I finally have a date for leaving Sydney. The weekend of November 28, we’re leaving New South Wales for sunny Queensland. We’re buying moving boxes this weekend and I will begin the fun task of packing up everything nice and safe. Then we’re out of here!

I am honestly so excited. Sydney is a lovely place, but all of our people are in Brisbane and the living expenses are cheaper. We will be much better off there. So will the cats. And once we’re there, I can finally work on this stupid visa stuff and get a real job. Can you imagine? A REAL JOB! That will help so many things.

Oh my lord, no more annoying neighbors! I am giddy at the thought!

Unprayed Prayer

This is honestly like an answer to prayer, if I was still praying. And that’s one of the things I’ve kind of been wondering about recently: does prayer count if you don’t think you’re doing it?

There’s kind of this concept among some Christians that unless you actively try to pray, God doesn’t do much. I know there will be a lot of people who disagree when I say that, but think about it for a moment. “Without God, you can do nothing that is good.” “All good things come from God.” We may not actively say that prayer is the only way to get good things, but that does seem to be the unconscious attitude whether we intend it to be or not.

So now that I don’t pray, I have a question: do I get prayers answered, too?

It’s a moot point, honestly. I was never one for a lot of prayer anyway.

But who cares?! We’re getting outta here! Hey, in-laws, we’ll be home for Christmas!

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