What I’ve Been Working on Recently


Just so you know what is keeping me from working on the blog, here is one article I wrote today. It has a slightly religious, slightly political focus. But since Halloween is coming up, it is at least topical. This is my job and, honestly, it is my dream. Every click on something I’ve written helps support me both emotionally and monetarily. Yes, this is a slight shameless plug. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Setback for Pope Francis on Gay Statement

“In what is being called a setback for Pope Francis, the midterm document from the synod has had language regarding gays and lesbians removed after conservative bishops blocked its inclusion. After failing to receive the needed two-thirds majority in a vote, the controversial paragraph was removed leaving some progressives unhappy and disappointed. The document is a signal of the pope’s more tolerant attitude and of the opposition he faces in moving forward that agenda. Conservative attendees at the synod have been openly critical of the pope, leading one to a severe demotion and questions about a possible dramatic split in the church.”

For more of my work, see more of my articles at Guardian Liberty Voice and The Public Slate

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