A Freak Out Post

I don’t usually write two posts in one day, but this is an exception. I need to have a small, online freak out about this #stupidnovel. And it’s a way to procrastinate.

I need to start writing the actual novel. I’ve done EVERYTHING I can to prepare it and now it’s time to write it and I’m freaking out. I am perfectly capable of writing. I’ve written novels before. I should not be freaking out. Ugh.

This is the extent to which I am avoiding starting the actual writing process. I’ve come up with a hashtag for the novel. Now, when I talk about it on social media, it will be #stupidnovel. I’ve also come up with a hashtag for when I don’t understand Australia: #americanbrain. I also happen to be writing this blog post as a form of high level procrastination.

It’s time to start writing. I can’t keep putting it off.


Freak Out GIf4


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