The Genius of Children’s Television

Without context, let me just say that I’m watching cartoon rabbits do the haka while painted blue. You think I’m kidding?

This is how I spend my Sunday mornings, guys. I am a 24-year-old who spends the weekends watching kids cartoons (In case you were wondering, Tom & Jerry are on next and yes, I will watch it). I love cartoons. In particular, I love this cartoon.

The show is called Rabbids Invasion and as far as I can tell, it is about ‘rabbids’ who look suspiciously like white rabbits, but happen to be aliens who came to Earth from outer space and are now exploring the world. They also happen to be incredibly stupid. Couple that with a ‘language’ that sounds like “bwah-bwuh-bwah-wee” and you have a recipe for a hilarious half an hour of television. I watch it every weekday during the kids hour.

And this episode with the haka was no different than any other, except that I finally noticed how smart this show actually is. This episode literally starts out with two researchers saying that the Rabbids are all stupid and then painting one blue in order to see how they react. Their reactions were predictable: the blue Rabbid was at first feared, then made fun of, then isolated in a corner of the lab.

Rabbids are stupid, remember. And they acted in exactly the way most humans act when faced with someone different from themselves.

This has made me see the entire series in a completely new light. Rabbids are just stand-ins for people. Their stupidity is our stupidity. This is genius. Welcome to the mirror that is art.

I haven’t discovered anything new here. Art comes in many forms, including childrens’ shows, and inevitably, all art reflects ourselves back at us. But too often we fall into the trap of thinking art can only be one thing: serious, adult, sophisticated, refined, philosophical, or whatever else. But that’s not how it really works. Art is anything that looks at the world and says something about it.

I don’t have anything terribly intelligent to add. Mostly, this post is me going, “Did you see the thing?! The thing is so cool! I like the thing a lot!” I’ve only just discovered Rabbids. The internet tells me there is a game, too. I think it’s wonderful. Have a watch at this episode I saw today. Maybe you’ll like it as much as I do.


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