They See Gay People

I woke up this morning and scrolled through Facebook like I always do, catching up on what people are saying, reading articles that interest me and may bear fruit later as articles for work or even as blog posts. I hit gold this morning with an article from Salon titled “10 weirdest things the Christian right thinks will turn your kids gay.” It was as weird as you might expect and also not as weird.

A couple of the things on the list were typical and I have heard them before. The “gay penguin” book, And Tango Makes Three was one, as was the purple Teletubbie Tinky-Winky. There is rarely anything new on this kind of list, but I was absolutely shocked at most of this one. The TSA, foster care and FOX News all made it on to this list, leaving my morning-fuddled brain in an addled state. How can the bastion of conservative information be promoting a gay agenda? Salon explains:

How do we know the homosexual agenda has managed to infiltrate Fox News? The dearth of coverage of ex-gays who were converted into straightdom is one telltale sign: “Homosexual activists are desperate to keep happy FORMER homosexuals out of the media. Why doesn’t Fox’s Sean Hannity or ‘Fox & Friends’ do a segment on happy ex-‘gays’?” Answer: because they are taking orders from these desperate Homosexual activists.

Okay, now I get it. It’s the old “You’re either with us or against us” argument. Either FOX News is as virulently opposed to LGBT people in exactly the same way we are, or it’s FOG, “Friends of Gays.”

Ignoring the irony of anti-gay activists creating an acronym like “fog,” this list gave me a surprising thought. As a gay person, I don’t see nearly as many gay people around as the anti-gay people do. But perhaps I am naive.

To be honest, I’m all for books like And Tango Makes Three because they show kids families that might be like their own. A child who has gay parents will enjoy seeing a representation of family that looks like hers. For kids who do not have gay parents, it shows them families like some of their friends have. Gay agenda? Sure, it’s an agenda if you mean showing kids something that will help them learn and be more tolerant of others or proud of themselves and their families.

But FOX News? TSA? Really? How are those even remotely pro-gay or pushing a gay agenda?

There’s a post on Tumblr comparing two gay people seeing each other in public to two puppies meeting each other. Both get so excited to see someone like them that they gush all over themselves. It’s so true. I live in Sydney which has a high gay population and I still get excited seeing someone like me on the street or a pride flag or a pink triangle or anything even remotely supportive and accepting of who I am. I wish I saw as much gay stuff as the homophobes do. I would be a much happier person.

The fact is that anti-gay crusaders are far more guilty of pushing gayness on others than the gays are. LGBT people have not projected their gayness on to TSA, FOX or the foster care system. The homophobes did that. There’s the real gay agenda and the gays have nothing to do with it.


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