Don’t Be Too Serious

I’ve taken to doing really silly things in order to relax and bring some levity to my life. Here on this blog and at work, I write about serious stuff all the time. This week has been an especially intellectual one as I finish books and write about religion and politics. That’s why I’ve picked up a new hobby.

I’m collecting this years’ round of NRL micro-figures. I got the collector album and so far I have 9 figures, include 2 rare ones and a super-rare one. The figures only cost $2 each and our local Coles supermarket often discounts them to 50 cents. I blow the change that accumulates in my pockets on them.

The Atheist Wife thinks it’s hilarious. I got so excited when I got the rare ones and I love the detailed hair that some of them have. She calls them my “Barbies.” Honestly, I can’t really disagree with her. Are they still dolls if they’re only an inch high?

My mother often says that I am too serious for my own good and she is totally right. But even I have to take a break sometimes. Sports are one way that I relax, but this is an even more fun way for me to blow off some steam. I figured that after all the posts this week, I would just share with you something about me that you might not already know.

And before you ask, yes. I will line them up and have mock-battles between teams. Just as soon as I can put a whole team together.


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