Just a “Dad”

We’re having a bit of weather here in Sydney. Some reports have said that the wind is approaching Category 1 Hurricane speeds. I can say that it does look a bit hairy out there. We’re about a block away from the beach, so we have plenty of cover, but our windows look like the waves are hitting them. Anyone walking around out there should probably wear a wet suit.

While the Atheist Wife is preparing to trek to work, I’m sitting downstairs going through my morning rituals. Coffee, small breakfast, the news and preparing for the day of writing ahead. Unlike other days, however, I am having to contend with two very unhappy babies. Both cats are inside and will likely remain inside for the whole day because of the rain and wind.

Cue cat hysteria.

Spending the day with these two inside is like having two cooped up two-year-olds who just want to go outside. Frankly, I’m inclined to let them out and watch them fly away like kites. But I’m only saying that because they tried to climb my legs like trees.

Mostly having these two cats makes me wonder what it will be like to have kids. Hopefully my wife and I will be able to have time where we stay at home with our kids so we have that time to bond with them, take care of them and enjoy just being parents without also being employees. What’s that going to be like? What will the joy feel like? The sleep deprivation? What will they look like?

I know that nothing prepares you for having kids. And I know that being a “dad” to cats is nothing like being a real parent. Kids generally don’t purr, or so I’m told. But I hope it’s kind of like practicing.

I hope I get to experience having kids who pout because of the rainy weather. I know or a fact, though, that they’ll have company in the pouting. Muddy is staring out the window forlornly, as only she can. Head bowed, pouting face, shoulders hunched… what if there was a little head looking outside next to her with blonde hair like her mother had at that age?


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