Tide’s Out: What Doesn’t Get Reviewed #BATCOW

I love finding books to review for Low Tide. Going to the library is always a hunt for the next good book that I think people would be interested in. But not every book I read ends up getting reviewed. Sometimes books I think will be interesting turn out to not be interesting and vice-versa. So I’m adding a section to Low Tide that I’m calling “Tide’s Out.” This is where I’ll take a moment to catalogue the books I’m not reviewing and write a few words about them if I feel they warrant some.

And Man Created God, Robert Banks

This is a rather short book and slightly disappointing. I expected a different look at the issue of whether God was invented by man to explain the world around him. Instead, this book could more accurately be termed a defense of God against the idea rather than an exploration of the idea itself. There is a good review of the book from Sydney Anglicans, a diocese where I live. I suggest reading it if you want more information.

Stephen Fry in America, Stephen Fry

This was a wonderful look at America through the eyes of someone who isn’t from there. With characteristic panache and wit, he discovers the beauty of America and it’s people. I did not review this book because, frankly, it made me homesick. It still does. Instead, here’s the first episode of the series that accompanies the book.

Making the Future, Noam Chomsky

I just finished this book today, actually, and I have decided not to write an extensive review on it. It is insightful, honest, critical and illuminating, but honestly I do not feel up to the task of bearing its weight. Chomsky is brilliant and levels his criticism at everyone. The essays in this collection were written between 2007 and 2011 (it was published in 2012, making it old by political book standards), but it is hugely relevant today. The more conservative minded will appreciate the blistering critiques of President Obama. Personally, I appreciated it, too. But, as I observed to my Atheist Wife the other day, I have turned into a Chomsky-reading liberal hippie just like my family warned me I would when I went off to college. Oh well.

Batman Incorporate Volume 1 (and 2), Grant Morrison

Look. I’m a nerd. More importantly, I am a nerd with a library card. I picked up Batman Incorporate, Volume 1 because it is part of The New 52! reboot that DC Comics made of its series. It did not disappoint. Not only was I fascinated and sometimes intrigued by the perspectives this comic gave, I was also inspired to write a blog post called “What Superheroes Can Teach Us About Living A Good Life.” It’s that good. And without giving away any spoilers, I’ll leave you with this, my favorite part from the book:


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