I’m Back and Accountable

Hi, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in about a week. The Atheist Wife and I had to make an emergency trip up north to Queensland and there wasn’t internet. Besides, on an emergency trip, the last thing on your mind is blogging. When we got home, though, I was sicker than a dog. It’s only today that I feel human, despite a continuing ear ache and buckets of snot. I know, I’m so pretty. Anyway, this is one of those times when life takes precedence. I’m just glad to be back 🙂

And since I’m back, I figured I would talk about what I’ve been doing and thinking for the last week. Now, this is not a hugely personal blog. I do try to keep it focused on something other than me and my life. Personally, I’m more interested in ideas, books and other things than I am in my personal struggles. And if I’m honest, I’m a little boring in real life. I hate to bore you.

But lately I’ve been thinking about it in a different way. In a lot of ways, not writing about my personal life is a way of hiding: hiding from failure, from embarrassment, from ridicule. If I don’t share my daily (hourly, minutely) failings, maybe they don’t count. Maybe my image of myself can remain intact and you can go on thinking I have my shit together when I really don’t.

On the other hand, though, not being open about my failings and struggles makes it harder to get support, encouragement and love from people who would like to give it. In many ways, hiding what I go through daily doesn’t challenge me to be better, either. I end up wallowing alone and angsty all by myself, getting nowhere fast.

It’s all about accountability. I’m not motivated enough all on my own to really make the changes that I need to make. That needs to change and it needs to start with me. And hopefully I get a little help from you along the way!

So here is what I’m doing:

  • I’ve started an Instagram account to document and share what goes on day-to-day. You can follow me on @mylifechangediary and I’d love to follow you back!
  • On this blog, I’m going to add a new section. The “My Life Change Diary” section will have pictures and posts about what I’m doing to improve my life. It will have fitness goals, food goals, and mental health goals in there. The idea with this is if I write about it, I have to do it. And if I don’t do it or find it hard to do, maybe you can help me get there. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens with help.
  • I’m also making a pair of public promises right now that I’ll have to check back in with later:

1. I promise to workout every day this week, including today.

2. I’m going to check out the Crossfit/MMA gym near me and see what it takes to join it.

And that’s it. It’s small, but it’s a start. For me, the hard part in this is being public about this. But that’s also the best way for me to make good on these changes.

Now, before I wrap up, I need to explain why I’m making these changes a priority and why they are so important. And I’m going to do it in a bullet list because I like bullet lists:

  1. We’re having kids! If I’m going to help my wife, I need to be better than I am now. I need more energy and the only way to get it is to create it.
  2. I’m going to die young. Seriously, I have enough health problems that I’m very worried. I’ve always been overweight, but with my work I don’t move enough and it’s taking a toll. I’m 24. I should not feel and move like a 50 year old.
  3. We’re getting married! And I want to look good when we do. Honest, guys, I have a hot wife and I want to look like I’m almost at her hotness level in our wedding photos.
  4. Being healthy and happy looks fun! I’ve been watching the Crossfit Games Regionals competitions and I keep thinking, “I want to do that.” So that’s what I’m going to do!

Alright, that’s enough about me. Check out the “My Life Change Diary” section after I set it up, leave a comment, like a post, whatever you want to do. I’ll put up pictures and things over there and hopefully you won’t feel too overwhelmed. Tomorrow on Monday, it’s back to business as usual! Have a great weekend!


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