Day 3: Triumph!

I Did It!

I went to the gym! I looked at the crossfit box and decided, this is where I want to be. Revolute Movement Academy in Sydney is awesome! The people I met there were welcoming and put me at ease. I am excited to go tomorrow morning for an intro class and a 10 minute workout. I’m so excited I can’t sit still!

After yesterday where I talked about failing at this week, I decided that there was still one more day to at least accomplish one thing. So early this morning, I set out on a walk to the box. Was I nervous? Yes. Would I have rather been in bed? Most definitely. Am I glad I did it? Yeah! Am I going to do it again? Hell yeah!

I knew I needed to prove a point to myself today. I needed to prove that failure isn’t what I think it is. The only way I could have truly failed this week is if I didn’t try to do something today. The last day of the week is still part of the week and it is still a good time to do something good. So I did not fail this week. I succeeded and I am proud of myself.

But every triumph is an opportunity to prepare for a new challenge. This is just step one on a long journey. So what’s next? Next is actually going to the gym and working out. Cue more anxiety. That’s the challenge now. Actually doing the work. I’m excited and a little daunted. No one ever got on top without climbing the mountain!

Except this guy. Pretty sure this guy never climbed anything.

This is a politics joke. If you don’t get it, google Kim Jong Un climbs mountain. It’s hilarious.

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