Day 5: I Don’t Like Deadlifts

Two classes in to my crossfit training and I have come to one conclusion: there are a lot of squats. We started out with squats in the intro and yesterday at fundamentals there were more squats, except this time they were deadlifts. I didn’t do the WOD yesterday because I’m still struggling with the manflu, but I did plenty of practice deadlifts and presses, cleans and split jerks and wall balls. Guess what most of them have in common? Squats.

As I walked home yesterday I realized something. Any hope I had to ever wear skinny jeans is gone. This crossfit business is going to make my already thunderous thunder thighs even more worthy of the god Thor. Goodbye, skinny jeans. Hello, deadlifts.

Look. I don’t care for deadlifts. But I seriously admire the skill it takes to do these. Grip, knees, quads, butt, back, shoulders, head – they all have to work together in a specific way to do a deadlift correctly. It’s a lot to think about. As one of the foundational movements, it’s important to get it figured out and practice it until you can do it right most of the time.

Yes, my legs burned, but as I learned the technique, I was energized. Not by the squatting, but by the engagement between mind and body. I haven’t had to do that in awhile. It was awesome!

I’m already seeing results from this crazy crossfit adventure. Physically, I’m still fat. The soreness in my muscles tells me I’m improving, slowly but surely. The real results are in the energy I now approach things with. Yesterday, I powered through work, something I haven’t been able to do recently. I was energized because I’m learning something new, I’m thinking hard about it. I’m exercising my brain right along with my body.

I’m actually doing crossfit now. It’s a challenge. Challenges are how we stay interested in life and excited about living. Deadlifts are my challenge right now. I hate them. But I love them, too.


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